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The quality blends technology with Tancredi: born in 1955, the company manufactures and markets in the world only first class products in the field of sleeping.
To rest well it is in fact essential to carefully choose one’s own bed system. Tancredi, thanks to decades-long experience in the bed sector, is capable of satisfying even the most demanding clientele proposing innovative and functional products.
Considering the importance of the concept of wellness related to sleeping, the company over the years has developed technologically advanced products, using resistant and hard-wearing materials, such as iron and natural materials such as wood, to achieve a complete and variegated range .
The choices in style and structures, the care given to details and the design of ergonomic and anatomical systems, all combine to give Tancredi products extra added value.
In complete synergy with the mattresses, the strong beech staves bed bases guarantee excellent levels of comfort and the bed base then becomes the ideal support system for our body, adapting to its sinuous curves, whilst guaranteeing the correct posture in all situations.
The vast variety of bed bases Tancredi products range from bed frames in iron or wood, with  fixed or elastic staves, in traditional versions, with manual and electrical adujstable, ideal for all resting requirements, to guarantee peaceful and regenerating sleep.
An exceptional proposal of mattresses provides the best solution for each customer, thanks to technologies and advanced materials such as polyurethane foam, natural latex, visco-elastic memory foam and pocket springs or microsprings.
Buy a mattress or a bed slatted frame Tancredi means giving priority to the well-being of themselves, discovering a new way to sleep in a better lifestyle.
Latex, memory foam, box spring, polyurethane mattresses production and sell


A wide range of mattresses for every need: from cheap but quality product made of polyurethane foam or rubber, to the best latex, pocket springs and memory foam mattresses with orthopedic and anatomical support with differentiated zones.

Exclusive product lines, with natural latex and memory foam mattresses, specially designed for the best shops, and small or large supplies for hotels, hospitals, organizations and institutions.

​The Tancredi mattresses are widely appreciated for their exclusive use of quality materials and well-being lavished in every circumstance, always offering the best technology, breathability and hypoallergenic, anti-mite and bacteria.
Double size slatted bed base with wooden staves and electrically adjustable bed frame

Bed frames

An extremely range of bed bases and frames for every kind of request: from cheap but quality product, until the best metal and wooden structures also with orthopedic and anatomical support, even in the manually and electrically adjustable bed frames versions.

Exclusive product lines, with electrically adjustable slatted bed bases and fixed ones, specially designed for the best shops, and small or large supplies for hotels, hospitals, organizations and institutions.

​The Tancredi bed bases and frames, with woodeen slats, are appreciated all over the World for the extreme cure on details and the use of high quality non-toxic and recyclable materials.
Manufactures beds and bunk beds


Tancredi has designed different kind of bunk beds and solution for saving space in the bed-room or living room.

The Tancredi bed production also offer a range of headboard and footboard beds, always with bed frames with woodeen slats.

Exclusive retailers and stores product lines and supply solutions at affordable prices for accommodation, hotels and institutions.

Through a process of first level, and the exclusive use of certified and first-quality materials, beds and cots Tancredi are easily matched to any bedroom.
Manufactures standard and double wave cervical pillows


The bed pillows Tancredi always guarantee the best support for your head and neck while sleeping.

The vast production of Tancredi pillows ranging from simple fiber products or polyurethane and cotton, to prestige models in natural latex, viscoelastic memory foam, gel, and other innovative technologies.

Appreciated everywhere, the bed pillows Tancredi offer maximum breathability and hypoallergenic.

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